Any Allgoods of Northants heritage living in Ealing, Chatham, Tonbridge Wells, Birmingham, or Aston areas.

William T Hawgood who married Florence W Blake in 1961

Michael Hawgood b 1937, married Baker in 1963, Marny Hawgood 1965

Lynda Hawgood now Lynda Hyde b 1950, married Bower in 1967, then Paul Dowuona-Hyde in 1980, daugher Charlotte Hyde 1985, Colette Hyde 1987; Michael Robin G Hawgood 1934 - 1998 b Hendon, father Walter Pike Hawgood; Harold William Hawgood 1932 - 1994

Arthur Ashley Hawgood 1884-1979 born Derby

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Hawgood Family

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If your name is Hawgood...

You are a member of a select and exclusive club. No doubt when growing up, you would not have known many other Hawgoods apart from your immediate family. This is because there are relatively few descendents of the first Hawgood that can be traced.

All modern day Hawgoods around the world have been traced to just one family who lived in the early 18th century. This was the family of John Hawgood and his two sons Thomas born 1706 and William born 1704.

Further back, records exist from 1500, which have come from public records, internet records, and family knowledge from Hawgoods participating in this endeavour. Many records, particularly the early records were researched over many years by David Hawgood whose hard work has been invaluable in the creation of Hawgood history.

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Family tree

Many Hawgood records found in Church Brampton, Northampton

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Putting together a family tree is not easy particularly as there are gaps in records. Instead of painstaking research of old paperwork, a modern way is a very simple test for genetic markers. We have commenced a Hawgood family study and would welcome participants. The more that take part, the more accurately we can predict common ancestors and connections between broken lines in the tree.  

Over the years, names can sometimes change and we can check this with DNA testing. We have matched a number of derivative names including Haywood and Hagewood, descended from Francis Hawgood (also know as Hawkwood or Hogwood who emigrated to Virginia around 1650. We also know that a family of Allgoods are infact Hawgoods descended from William Hawgood born 1684 in Little Harrowden,whose name was misspelt and the error continued.

For more information on this, click on the DNA link at the top of the page. If you would like to take part or have any questions, please drop us an email using the ‘contact us’ link above.

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