Any Allgoods of Northants heritage living in Ealing, Chatham, Tonbridge Wells, Birmingham, or Aston areas.

William T Hawgood who married Florence W Blake in 1961

Michael Hawgood b 1937, married Baker in 1963, Marny Hawgood 1965

Lynda Hawgood now Lynda Hyde b 1950, married Bower in 1967, then Paul Dowuona-Hyde in 1980, daugher Charlotte Hyde 1985, Colette Hyde 1987; Michael Robin G Hawgood 1934 - 1998 b Hendon, father Walter Pike Hawgood; Harold William Hawgood 1932 - 1994

Arthur Ashley Hawgood 1884-1979 born Derby

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Hawgood street is located in London. It was built on a site where pot ash was manufactured in what is known as the LimeHouse Cut area and was named after Robert Henry Hawgood, born 1840 in Northampton who was an engineer working on the London sewer system in the 1860’s.


Below is the 1861 map before it was built, next to a map from 1868 showing many more roads had been created.

Hawgood Street