Any Allgoods of Northants heritage living in Ealing, Chatham, Tonbridge Wells, Birmingham, or Aston areas.

William T Hawgood who married Florence W Blake in 1961

Michael Hawgood b 1937, married Baker in 1963, Marny Hawgood 1965

Lynda Hawgood now Lynda Hyde b 1950, married Bower in 1967, then Paul Dowuona-Hyde in 1980, daugher Charlotte Hyde 1985, Colette Hyde 1987; Michael Robin G Hawgood 1934 - 1998 b Hendon, father Walter Pike Hawgood; Harold William Hawgood 1932 - 1994

Arthur Ashley Hawgood 1884-1979 born Derby

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Early records

Some early records were written in a Latin equivalent as well as being misspelt - for example - Johannis Hawgud and Nicholaus Hawgud in the Redbourn Herts area in the 1500’s. In fact the 1500’s are the earliest years of Hawgood records, only in two locations - Redbourn, Herts and Church Brampton. The Hawgood’s from Herts appeared to be large landowners and retained the land in the family for some 200 years. Whilst the Church Brampton connection can be traced to the modern day, the Herts connection appeared to dry up in the 1700’s. One family that exists that has no modern day descendents are the Rutland Hawgoods, originally traced back to Walter Hawgood born 1660 in London. We cannot trace any living descendents - if you are from this line, please contact us

1300 - 1493 : Origin of the Hawgood name

The Hawgood name appears to have originated from the land in St Albans, known as the Halgoods. The catalogue of field names occurring of the Hertforshire estates of the Earl of Verulam (1927 document) states that Jn Algood held the 60 acres of Land known as the Halgoods in 1493, and prior to that Ric Halegod, a tenant, 1317, 1320-1, 1345/6 and Ric Halgood 1436-7. The writer states that the name eventually became Hawgood. The Megdell lands also in St Albans were held by the Hawgood family to 1643.

1500 : From Herts to Northampton

The earliest records of Hawgoods in Northampton is John Hawgood born circa 1500 who lived in Church Brampton. We now know from extensive research and DNA analysis, all Hawgoods of today can be connected to two of sons of John Hawgood born 1663 in Church Brampton.  To date, no descendents of Herts based Hawgoods can be traced. The two Hawgoods were :

1) William b 1704 in Northants, whose son Thomas born 1731, had three sons - John b 1766, Samuel b 1769 and Thomas b 1763. Samuel moved to London living in the Southwark and Lambeth areas whilst Thomas lived in Daventry, and we believe his descendents are still there. Around the latter half of the 19th century Samuel’s children still lived in London but then spread out to Brisbane as well as Brighton, Croydon and Devon/Cornwall. The Brisbane connection is now quite large and started when Samuel’s grandson also called Samuel, who was born in 1835, emigrated to Australia in 1875, arriving on the Alexandrina.  We cannot find any records for the descendents of John b 1766.

2) Thomas b 1706 in Badby, Northants, whose grandson John b 1769 had three sons, John 1800, Obadiah 1811, and Thomas 1818, who all had families. Thomas b 1706 generated fewer descendants - about ¼ of the number of William. They remained primarily in the Northants area, in Brington, Daventry and Brixworth. Some moved to Sheffield and some further, ending up in Perth, Australia.

1620 : Birth of Francis Hawgood giving rise to many US cousins

Francis Hawgood emigrated to the US around 1650, marrying Elizabeth Creed. He is recorded as coming from Gloucester although this may have simply been a departure point, with Bristol being a shipping hub around that time. In fact, there are no records of Hawgoods in Gloucester at that time, and therefore highly likely he travelled from another county, possibly Northampton, where there are many Hawgood records from 1500 to the present day. Francis’ name changed to Hogwood and through the generations, the name has been misspelt and carried forward with descendents being Haywoods, Hagewoods, Haigood, and Hagwoods, amongst others, no doubt due to high levels of illiteracy. Francis Hawgood was also known as Francis Hawkwood

Francis’ name was misspelt as Howgoode in 1652. In the Surrey County records by Eliza Timberlake Davis, Page 21 26 Oct 1652. “Jno Gibbings and Francis Howgoode bind themselves to pay unto Wm Murrell the sume of eighteen hundred pounds of good tob”

Francis is recorded as Francis Haughgood in a charge in Charles City 1661 : “Accusation by Peter Grey. Court heard "sev'all circumstantiall exa'iacons to us presented."  Ordered Francis Haughgood taken into custody of sheriff until delivered by "due Course of law. On 30 Jul 1670, Francis Hawgood, Charles City County, Virginia Colony, received a patent for ca 50 acres on the south side of the James River in Charles City County, included with 9 other persons.

On 30 Jul 1670, Francis’ name was correctly spelt, being on of few instances. FRA. HAWGOOD was listed in a second patent ‘AS A HEADRIGHT IN A PATENT TO WILLIAM PEBLES FOR 473 ACRES’ on the South side of the James River in Charles City County, included with nine other persons ("Cavaliers and Pioneers" Vol II p74).

We cannot create a paper trail for Francis that determines the exact position in the main Hawgood familytree but from the DNA evidence it is a certainty that Francis was a Hawgood prior to his move to the US.

A number of trees on ancestry believe that Francis Hawgood's father was George Awood. There is no evidence to confirm this and indeed a detailed search of Gloucester records has not revealed any Hawgood families of the timescale involved. Bristol was a hub of shipping and it is more likely this was simply a departure point and not Francis' birthplace. There is no connection between the Haywoods/Haguewoods/Hawgoods to the Heywoods and later Haywoods living in Barbados in the 1600s.

1639 : Hawgoods sell land held for a century

Megdells land in St Albans was passed from the Hawgood family, who had held the property since about 1540, to the Tyler family. HALS IG10. IG22 - 22b.

Hawgood family history

In researching the early records, we have found a number of variant spellings, primarily transcription errors rather than name changes that have been carried forwards. For example, there are records of Hawgud from the 1500’s in the same location as records for Hawgoods. There are also records of Allgood, Hallgood, Hagood, Hawgoode, Heagood, and Hogwood. In the USA however, there have been quite a number of changes to the spelling of Hawgood which appear in modern day cousins.